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Bran Castle

Bran Castle is one of the most beautiful and famous historical and architectural monuments in Romania. Located near Brasov in Step Rucar-Bran castle attracts tourists from all over the country but also from abroad thanks picturesque place that is built medieval architecture and history behind this important monument Romanian art and culture. Bran Castle, one of the most famous castles in Romania Bran Castle history begins somewhere in the thirteenth century, when in Bran is a fortification built by the Teutonic Knights. In the XIV century, the Saxons of Brasov receiving seat of King Louis I of Anjou permission to build a new stone fortress at Bran. According to the document issued by the king in 1377, in which he confirms Saxons right to raise the city, one can deduce that this new city was built in place of the old fortifications dating from the thirteenth century. In 1407, Mircea the Ancient gets under authority of Sigismund of Luxembourg, King of Hungary, Bran Castle, which remains under the authority of the Romanian Country until 1419. In 1427, the castle passed under Hungarian rule but is rented back seat Brasov by Hungarian royalty. As we approached today, we learn that in 1920, the Council Orasan Brasov show their gratitude to Queen Mary, wife of King Ferdinand, for her outstanding contribution to the Great Union of 1918, donating and Bran Castle. Queen Mary starts restoration, transforming the building into a true castle. In 1948, after leaving the royal family in the country, reaching Bran Castle in the state. After several years of abandonment, during which the castle was damaged and was devastated in 1956 Bran is partially arranged as a museum and is then reopened the visitors. Restoration was completed in 1993. Today, the castle is owned by Dominic of Habsburg and his sisters, heirs of Princess Ileana, who bequeathed the castle Queen Mary. Tourism potential Bran Castle is known worldwide as Dracula's castle, although it seems that Vlad Dracul never lived in it. For markedly contributed to the tourism potential, Dracula's Castle fame was perpetuated in the tourism, attracting attention, but the film industry. Bran was cast in the film Interview with a Vampire, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, Christian Slater, Kirsten Dunst and Marcel Iures distribution. After returning to his heirs castle, the Roman state continued to manage the castle for three years. On 1 June 2009 the museum officially reopened Bran Castle. There are several legends about Bran Castle. The best known is the legend of Dracula, the vampire from the Carpathian Mountains. Reputation for "vampire" is probably pulls Romanian ruler from bloody methods, such as impalement, which was wont to punish transgressions. Saxons assigned at the time voivode and other gruesome acts such as would apartamente de vanzare bucuresti be fed with the blood of his enemies. It seems that the legend was so strong that perpetuated until today, becoming subject to world literature and cinema. Another story circulating is related to Dietrich's Rock. It said Dietrich, a Teutonic knight, founded the fortress, giving the name of the rock on which the castle is apartamente de vanzare bucuresti built today. Bran Castle, view in the backyard And access road Bran Castle is located 30 km from Brasov. For those who want to get to Bran by car, access to the castle is very simple. From Bucharest, DN1 access is to Brasov (a journey of about two hours and a half) from Brasov and Pitesti by on DN73, on a journey of about 30 minutes. Bran apartamente de vanzare bucuresti Castle apartamente de vanzare bucuresti in winter Access is possible only by train to Brasov and Brasov no possibility of taking a taxi to Bran, or a bus from the bus station, which provides regular flights to Bran town and back, with departures every 30 minutes and every hour on weekends.